Seismotectonic Map of Africa

This proposal follows the project titled “Seismotectonics and Seismic Hazards in Africa”. The scientific programme is dedicated to the preparation of the Seismotectonic Map of Africa and related database.

Click for enlarged imageThis first step in the project stressed the project leaders and working group to address the challenges for the assessment of a realistic seismic hazard and risk in Africa.  One of the major issues is the underestimation of seismic hazard in Africa due to the long recurrence of large earthquakes.  This fact overburdens the scientists with not only fundamental research but also with the challenge of convincing the decision makers.  National and International scientific programs dealing with the seismic risk assessment are increasing in seismically active regions in Africa.

In this proposal, our new seismotectonic data with regional analysis of the earthquake hazards provide the basis for a mitigation of the earthquake damage.

Project leaders: Mustapha Meghraoui (IPG Strasbourg), Vunganai Midzi (CGS, Pretoria), Atalay Ayele (Ethiopia), Mohamed El Gabry (NRIAG, Cairo), Djillali Benouar (USTHB, Algiers).


National and International scientific programmes dealing with the seismic risk assessment are increasing in seismically active regions in Africa.  Therefore, the new seismotectonic map of Africa with the regional analysis of earthquake hazards became necessary as a basis for a mitigation of the earthquake damage.

So far the project has addressed several topics needed for the establishment of the seismotectonic map of Africa.  A database is now accessible through a GIS interface and website at the CGS in Pretoria (South Africa).

Click for enlarged imageIn this new proposal, we would like to benefit from the already existing seismotectonic database and address the issue of earthquake hazard and risk in Africa. The addressed topics are:

  1. Develop the seismotectonic database and related seismic parameters
  2. Develop the analysis for earthquake recurrence
  3. Improve the attenuation laws and related geotechnical database
  4. Prepare a database for Ground Motion Equations
  5. Prepare a map of seismic hazard for the 6 provinces in Africa

Furthermore, the seismotectonic and seismic hazard and risk maps and their regional implications may serve as a basis for implementing seismic and geodetic networks for warning systems.

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