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    5th EU-African Business Forum, Brussels 2014

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    Annual General Meeting

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    EGS-OAGS Workshop Brussels 2014

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    Annual General Meeting

Please download the annual general meeting document Here.
OAGS General Meeting: Accra, Ghana - OAGS 2013  The Organisation of African Geological Surveys (OAGS)
The Organisation of African Geological Surveys (OAGS) held its 6th Annual Meeting from 23 to 26 September 2013 in the heart-warming city in Accra, Ghana. The event was hosted by the Geological Survey of Ghana under the able leadership of its Director, Dr John Agyei Duodu, and parallel to the celebration of the centenary of the Geological Survey of Ghana.
Press Release: African and European Geological Surveys committed together for Africa's wealth
Africa and Europe have strengthened their cooperation in the field of Geology at the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum on "Engaging the private sector in sustainable and inclusive growth".
Highlights of 2013
EuroGeoSurveys (The Geological Surveys of Europe) is collaborating with the OAGS on a feasability study to assess the needs of African Geological Surveys, with a view to establishing the impact and outcomes on EU policies designed to improve the capacities of the OAGS.